We require high-quality writing that is 100% unique and free of plagiarism. We will incorporate your material into our service if we believe it is utilized and follows our policies.

Because we get a large volume of outreach emails, we’ve chosen to develop these guidelines to simplify the entire process for both you and us. We hope they’ll be helpful.

Only posts of the highest quality and that strictly adhere to our criteria will be accepted.

1. Unique Content

Your material has to be distinctive. The post should cover something that is not found on hundreds of other SEO blogs, or at the very least, look at the same issue from a different point of view. This is not just important in terms of “duplicate content,” which is something that should go without saying.

These particular varieties of material are our favorites:

  1. How-to posts presented in a manner that is accessible to novices, such as step-by-step tutorials
  1. Case studies are your independent investigation or analysis based on real-world facts.
  1. Evergreen instructional content, which is a piece that explains a certain SEO concept and includes examples and helpful advice

2. Added Value

Our audience adores information that is logically organized, informative, and actionable. When it is possible to do so, use real-world examples, case studies, carefully researched statistics, charts, and visuals. This is what differentiates a quality post from submission of a “random pile of words,” the sole objective of which is to obtain a backlink as quickly as possible.

3. Optimal Utilization Of Resources

Make sure you create the content around the target keyword that best exemplifies the topic. Carry out some elementary research on keywords and optimize the article by the findings, making sure to include the proper titles. Overall, the quality of the article will ultimately determine how authoritative the connection to your website is seen to be in the long run.

4. Links

Be sure to back up any assertions you make by linking to useful resources that are related to those claims. Include at least one internal link, preferably to one of our blog pieces, if at all feasible.

5. Images

Once we decide to publish your post, we will provide a featured image for it ourselves, so there is no need for you to produce one. On the other hand, we cannot stress enough the importance of including pertinent pictures within the text, such as screenshots, drawings, graphs, etc. Please refrain from using stock photographs.

Let us know if you lack the resources necessary to develop visually attractive content, and we would be happy to assist you in doing so.

6. The Length Of The Article

In general, the post needs to be at least 600 words long, even if the quality of the content is more significant to us than the length.

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