29 Nov

Can shutters increase the value of your home?

Shutters can be a practical addition to your home. Plantation shutters add personality and style to any home.


Plantation Brisbane Shutters can be a timeless classic and add beauty and charm to your home. Shutters are loved by many people for their versatility. We can also custom-make shutters to fit your needs. Shutters are a timeless style that can be updated to give your home a modern look.

Low Maintenance

A home that is simple to maintain is an advantage for potential buyers. Shutters are easy to maintain. You just need to dust them! Our Thermalite Shutters are durable and will not fade as quickly as curtains and blinds.

Energy Efficient

Everybody loves energy-efficient features, especially when they look as good as our Thermalite shutters. Each order is custom-made to fit the window perfectly. This helps to maintain constant temperatures throughout the year. This window treatment is also more appealing to potential buyers because it saves electricity.

Privacy Control

Our shutters also have the unique ability to control privacy and light. Our shutters can be adjusted to suit your needs, whether you want to flood a room with natural sunlight or keep some privacy in your bathroom. Buyers can feel more secure and protected.


Our warehouse custom makes shutters for you. You can be sure that your shutters will fit perfectly and are of the highest quality. This will make potential buyers feel like you care about the home and have made an investment in it.

A Simple DIY Investment

Plantation shutters can add value to your house. You can find more reasons why plantation shutters make a smart investment in our post.

Plantation shutters can be cut almost in half by doing your own installation and measuring. Let us take on the DIY project if this is something you have been meaning to do.

Classic and timeless

Plantation shutters are timeless and classic. Your shutters will not age due to their elegant design and neutral colors. Contrary to curtains and blinds, which can be out of style due to changes in color or design.

You want your home to be appealing to the widest possible audience when you sell it. You should include neutral elements that most people will like, or that they can change easily if necessary. Plantation shutters are a great option for homeowners who want to create beautiful window coverings that suit any style. This saves time and money.

It is easy to maintain and clean.

Have you ever tried to get all the stains and dust out of curtains? Have you ever tried to untangle a web of Venetian strings or cables? Plantations are the best window covering. It is easy to maintain and clean. You only need a soft cloth, water, and a sponge!

Eco- Friendly.

Consider eco-friendly ways to improve your home if you’re looking to sell your house. People are becoming more environmentally conscious. This applies to all electrical and water-related items. What makes plantation shutters environmentally friendly? Plantation shutters are an insulation layer that acts to block the sun and cold. This reduces the need for heating and cooling units and air conditioners, which will save you and your future homeowners money and help to lower greenhouse gas emissions.